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The second set of training for regional actors on the topic of industrial symbiosis

  • 26. 5. 2020

Ljubljana, from 19 till 21 May 2020- Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) in cooperation with the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (GODC) organized the second set of three-day training on industrial symbiosis in the framework of the SYMBI pilot action.

The online workshop was organized to empower stakeholders at the regional level to understand and implement the concept of industrial symbiosis and support companies towards the transition to the circular economy. This concept aims to train the facilitators to be able to support companies to implement the industrial symbiosis in practice, to increase the competitiveness of companies, resource efficiency, potentials for innovation and reduce production costs, greenhouse gas emissions, thereby mitigating the negative impact on the environment.

In the second set of training, participants gained insight on how to progress synergies with companies, how to capture the economic, environmental, and social impact, as well as the insights on typical data reports and resource analysis. They were encouraged to participate in the interactive sessions where they learn how to calculate the outcomes from synergies, got an overview on how to complete a sight review in the company, and discover how the web platform with data on resources can accelerate the progress of the synergies.

The next step is the third and final set of workshops foreseen from 9th till 11th June 2020 that will be also conducted online. In the meanwhile, the participants were encouraged to further apply the acquired knowledge and explore industrial symbiosis in practice.