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Promotion of smart-mobility development in Ljubljana urban region

  • 14. 6. 2021

Organised from the European Commission, 9-10 of June 2021 was reserved for Smart Cities Marketplace Forum to which Regional development agency of Ljubljana urban region was invited as a speaker. Within the parallel session “Clean Mobility: From ambition to implementation”, RRA LUR presented the growing importance of regional governance to enable smart mobility solutions in urban and peripheral areas, which is one of the topics of the Fast Track project.

Since the launch of CIVITAS in 2002 and the establishment of the European innovation Partnership on Smart Cities (now the Smart Cities Marketplace) in 2012, cities, regions, academics, business and citizens all over Europe have tested — and proven — hundreds of mobility solutions all contributing to cleaner and more sustainable urban areas. Being organised from ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) the workshop was aimed to support cities and regions in implementing sustainable mobility innovations through a suite of interlinking methods. Those methods provide local authorities with opportunities to learn from the best, capturing and presenting the experiences of those who have already accelerated transition successfully.

Together with representatives from cities of Stockholm and Munich, Ljubljana urban region presented its current good practices and future prospects in electric and smart mobility including its proposals for regional governments to facilitate acceleration of innovation on the regional scale. With examples from regional practices, RRA LUR emphasised need of green procurement procedures in innovations and ambitions for working close to business and academia. Region is fostering a better integration of EVs in the existing regional transport infrastructure and presented its active role for integrating transport policy with urban planning, energy supply and public services.

City managers Officials in city administrations who are looking to make decisions, build alliances, and design policies to move to mass EV adoption can observe policy recommendations that are published from International Energy Agency in the EV City Case Book and Policy guide.