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Pilot managers present the pilot sites – ForHeritage Tools to be tested in four cities

  • 20. 1. 2021

Vodnik homestead. Photo: Jošt FrankoThe 3rd meeting within the ForHeritage partnership, organised by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, will take place next week. Instead of getting to know the rich cultural heritage in Ljubljana live, the meeting will be on-line.

On Tuesday, 26 January 2021 we will get to know four pilot locations where the managers of cultural heritage buildings will test the ForHeritage tools for better management and financing of cultural heritage. Pilot sites are in the following Central European cities: Cuneo (IT) /Palazzo Santa Croce, Ljubljana (SI) /Vodnik Homestead, Rijeka (HR) /Rikard Benčić complex and Szczecin (PL) /Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle. Managers will exchange their experiences and learn about the challenges of colleagues and project partners will get to know all pilot sites and planned activities in other cities.

On Wednesday, 27 January 2021 eight partners from four countries will meet again to discuss the foreseen activities in the coming months.

** ** **

An up-dated version of six tools for better management and financing of cultural heritage can be found here. The tools cover the following areas: (1) participatory governance, (2) public – private partnerships, (3) financial instruments for cultural heritage, (4) pilot projects in the field of cultural heritage, (5) organization and implementation of successful training, and (6) impact assessment of cultural heritage projects.

You are kindly invited to overview the tools. We would appreciate your opinion as well. Please send your feedback to Nataša Mršol, ForHeritage Project Manager at RRA LUR, (