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Phil Balagtas lecture: Futures Design Thinking

  • 24. 9. 2020

An online lecture by the renowned American lecturer and futurist Phil Balagtas took place in September 2020 within the COCO4CCI project. The lecture was titled »Futures Design Thinking: Speculative Design, Strategic Foresight and other ways to respond to the future«.

The lecture discussed the craft of design, which evolves continuously and requires more strategic thinking. Balagtas provided an introduction to the methods, tools and selected examples of forward-looking best practices, both current and past, that co-created the present in which we live.

Sixty-two listeners from all over the world participated and expressed their questions, doubts and thoughts during a discussion, led by Ivica Mitrović.

The lecture was the first part of the trilogy titled »Hello, futures!«. The project focuses on the importance of reflecting on how the possible futures can be understood, and more importantly, how to actively establish strategies for shaping the future of society and companies capable of thriving in a co-created future.