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The third partners meeting the ForHeritage project: Testing of tools for better management and financing of cultural heritage

  • 29. 1. 2021

Organized by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, the third meeting within the ForHeritage project took place on 26 and 27 January 2021. On Tuesday, January 26, the partners got to know four pilot locations: Cuneo (IT) / Palazzo Santa Croce, Ljubljana (SI) / Vodnik Homestead, Rijeka (HR) / Rikard Benčić complex and Szczecin (PL) / Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle.

The managers of these cultural heritage buildings presented the process of revitalization, what stage they are currently in, the main challenges they face in the renovation, and talked about the existing and planned programmes and contents. During the discussion, they also exchanged their own experiences gained in the process and asked their colleagues a series of questions. Project partners – mentors gave their views on possible solutions and suggested some further steps that could lead to the desired solutions.

On Wednesday, January 27, a working meeting of eight partners and a review of activities in the coming months took place. In 2021, there will be testing of tools for better management and financing of cultural heritage, discussions with stakeholders in focus groups and regional workshops.